How Long Do You Bleed After Giving Birth Naturally

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How Long Do You Bleed After Giving Birth – Postpartum hemorrhage is a severe bleeding (more than 500 ml) after delivery. Approximately 4 percent of women experience bleeding after childbirth and this is more common in the caesarean delivery process. Usually, bleeding occurs right after delivery, but it can also occur later.

What are the risk factors for bleeding after childbirth?

  • Give birth to a big baby
  • It has been several times giving birth to a baby with a long lasting process
  • Infection
  • Obesity
  • Medicines that induce labor
  • Use of forceps
  • Torn in the birth canal / vaginal tissue / uterine blood vessels
  • Abnormalities in blood clots

How Long Do You Bleed After Giving Birth ?

Actually it depends on how long your uterus heals. This bleeding comes from the uterus contracting back to normal size, and bleeding also comes from the placenta, which is attached to the uterine wall. But in some cases people experience it, it’s between 4-6 weeks. But if you experience it faster, of course it’s better. Even within 8 months it can still be called normal, but if more than that you need to consult a doctor immediately.

How long does the normal period of bleeding occur?

The normal period of childbirth (the release of Lochia) in the medical world is estimated to last for 6 weeks or 42 days. However, the period may last less than a week or more, up to 2 months (60 days). Similar to a normal delivery, the mother who underwent labor by Caesarean section also experienced a puerperal period for approximately 40 days. It’s just that, as we explained earlier, the process of recovery of the internal reproductive organs takes a longer time.

Why does the old bleeding period not stop?

Based on the results of research, 13% of women who gave birth have a longer bleeding period, which is up to 60 days. So if there is a woman who has a bleeding period does not stop until 2 months since she gave birth, then it can still be said to be normal.

So what if the bleeding period occurs more than 60 days? If the bleeding period occurs more than 60 days even up to 3 months has not stopped, should be checked further to the Doctor Gynecology. Because most likely it is no longer blood bleeding, but blood disease or active bleeding that occurred, due to:

  • The presence of injuries to the birth canal or uterine structure during labor.
  • The remaining tissue in the uterus.
  • Uterine contractions are poor, usually because the mother has anemia.


  • There was an infection.
  • Blood clotting disorders.

The above information is taken from a variety of reliable information, and we immediately take from medical experts in the field of maternity mothers. Once you’ve read this article, we hope you’ve learned about How Long Do You Bleed After Giving Birth Naturally.

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